Public School Student Support Services



Many families come to us with questions about their local public school and how that school can support their child’s learning needs. We work with the students, parents, teachers and other professionals to create a team who can support the child in the public school system.


Special Education Guidance


We review all students’ records, observe students, and attend eligibility and/or IEP meetings, so we can help develop a plan for students that best meets their individual needs. We help create goals and objectives and provide recommendations about what services students may require.


Therapy, Counseling, & Legal Assistance Referrals


We identify effective professionals to meet the needs of students and families. We have a network of therapists, tutors, counselors, and lawyers who help our families and their children receive the necessary services.

Meet our Public School Specialist:

Catherine Adams 

"Without your guidance and advice, I would have been at a loss as to what issues to present or in what order they needed to be addressed. Your warmth and sincerity have encouraged me to continue putting one foot in front of the other."
      - Parent of 11th grader

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