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Extra Activities Specifically for Your Child

Skill Building and Repeatable Lessons for After-School 

PreSchool-6th Grade

In this challenging and unprecedented time with school closures and lack of after school events, it can be difficult to keep your child engaged in stimulating and fun activities. There are so many wonderful options online, but it can be overwhelming to pull together meaningful activities for your own child. 


At ISO, our goal is to prepare Daily Activities for Your Child to help your child learn and grow beyond their current online curriculum. This Enrichment Packet will include indoor and outdoor activities for academic, artistic, physical and emotional growth.  These activities are based on your child’s interests, strengths and needs which you can use to supplement their current online schooling. 



Step One: Meet Virtually

Hayley will “meet” with you via Zoom or phone to discuss your child’s unique interests and needs. This can include artistic and outdoor requests along with academic skill development. Parents can choose parent-led or independent activities.

Step Two: Design Packet

Within three days, you will receive a packet of 5-7 activities specifically for your child through your email as a Google Document.

Step Three: Enrich & Build

The Enrichment Packet will include plans that you will be able to build on and repeat over time. This will help boost your child’s learning while they are not in school.

Enrichment Packet will include:

  • Five to seven enrichment activities (indoor and outdoor)

  • Phone call or Virtual Meeting parental support as needed


Cost: $225 per packet 



Enrichment Weekly Subscription:

  • Receive weekly Enrichment Packet of five per week for four weeks


Cost: $175/per week

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