Executive Functioning Skill Development 

Paul Vespe, MA/CAS, has been an Executive Functioning Specialist, Special Education Teacher and Educational Consultant since 2007. Paul uses meaningful connections, consistency, practice, and a sense of humor when working with his students.


Sessions offered Monday through Thursday - 3 PM to 9 PM
Location: ISO office in Old Town Alexandria or in your home
Hourly rates: Alexandria office - $200, In-home - $250
*Extended weekend and evening hours during midterms and finals


Executive Functioning Skills are developed through the student’s current academic and social curriculum. Each session is based on the individual student’s strengths and needs with skill development goals focused on fostering overall academic growth, self-advocacy and independence (and a little boost of self-confidence.)

Skills and Systems:

  • attention

  • motivation

  • organization

  • goal setting

  • ability to shift activities

  • getting stuck when working on short and long term tasks

  • getting started, task initiation

  • planning (single/multi-step)

  • handing materials in

  • following a calendar

  • finding an effective workspace

  • problem solving

  • following instructions

  • memory/working memory

  • distractibility

  • completing tasks and doing so within a time constraint

  • turn taking

  • talking excessively

  • daydreaming

  • self-monitoring

  • getting overexcited

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