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Learning Services

Reading Support & Services

Is reading difficult for your child? 

Does your child need more confidence when learning to read?

Independent School Options is now offering reading tutoring services to students in

Kindergarten-8th grade. The sessions can be held at your home, your child’s school or at the ISO office in Alexandria.


Hayley Oser is an Orton-Gillingham trained Reading and Learning Specialist. Hayley, who has an M.Ed. in Special Education, uses a fun, hands-on approach when teaching reading to her students.


“Orton-Gillingham (OG) is a powerful approach to teaching reading and spelling that uses instruction that is multisensory, sequential, incremental, cumulative, individualized, phonics-based, and explicit. Though often touted primarily as an instructional method for children with dyslexia and other learning challenges, the OG approach helps make reading and spelling easy for all children.”                                                         

Why Does the OG Approach Work?

Reading Tutoring Sessions Offered


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Weekday Times:

9am – 3pm



Saturday and Sunday


Weekend Times:

9am - 11am

For more information please email Hayley or call her 703-671-8316