Virtual Team Meeting



Tuesday, September 8

Back-to-school is a stressful time for families - especially this year.


Join our Facebook live discussion concerning how we can better support our children during the pandemic and in the future. At the end of the presentation, Dr. Dan will answer parent questions.

WITH: Dan Shapiro, MD

WHEN: Tuesday, September 8

7: 30 PM (EST)

ONLINE: Live streaming from our Facebook page - @ParentChildJourney


Wednesday, September 23

Dr. Damour explains the psychological science key to understanding how stress and anxiety operate, both under everyday conditions and at times of heightened concern and disruption. Join us to learn more about:

  • how to keep pressure and tension from reaching toxic levels

  • how to parent effectively in the current circumstances

  • the most reliable strategies for managing ongoing stress


All lectures are open to the public and offered free of charge.  Registration is required.

Wednesday, September 9

On September 9, hear from a Homeland Security’s ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Investigator. Topics will include cyber bullying, sexting, how to support children in protecting themselves from being an offender or victim of child exploitation, case studies of local offenders and how they manipulated and exploited their victims, as well as a review of the laws around online bullying, sexting, and internet crimes.

The webinar will also address some of the questions you asked FFF, such as how to block dangerous content and safeguard personal information from predators. Chrissy Fauls of local nonprofit organization Why Incorporated will cover how to talk to children in a developmentally appropriate manner about staying safe online. The presentation from 7- 8 PM will include time for your questions and comments.


Thursday, September 10

Pandemic Parenting

6:30-7:30 pm EST

Free Zoom w/recorded option

Join our panel of child psychologists for a one hour webinar to address how to prepare your child (and yourself!) for another round of remote learning this fall. The uncertainty and novelty of this transition can feel overwhelming. So, how can you set your child up for success this fall?  We will discuss concrete ways to manage the challenges of remote learning in your household. We hope you will end the webinar feeling confident in how to:

  • Manage your child’s emotions or behaviors that may arise from extended time at home

  • Manage your own stress and parental expectations

  • Maintain effective communication with your child’s school and teacher

  • Provide support for students in special education

  • Maintain social support (and sanity) for your child and family

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