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Coping Now and Later: 
Building Resilience that will Last a Lifetime

Thursday, January 28th at 9am


2020 was a despicable year. 

We spent an inordinate amount of energy quelling our COVID fears.

We had good days and bad, sinking into emotional potholes and celebrating silver linings. 

But interestingly, we also slowly and predictably learned how to become more resilient.

So how do we bottle up the plights of the pandemic to become "better copers for life", resulting in greater resilience for ourselves and our family?

Melinda Wenner Moyer, contributing editor at Scientific American, and writer for the New York Times and Washington Post, will present:

"Coping Now and Later:  Building Resilience that will Last a Lifetime"

 During her presentation, Melinda will share:

  • Evidenced-based strategies for coping 

  • How to support yourself and your family in ways that build resilience 

  • The best way to manage feelings and behaviors (for yourself and your children) throughout it all

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