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"Cathy is part of our family now. She helped us through our daughter's school crisis when traditional schooling wasn't working. She was there every step of the way."

-Mom of 11th grade daughter

The Immediate Placement Service is for families who require attention and assistance with school or program placement within 60 days or less. Many times this will include a two-step process from one immediate placement and then a second, potentially permanent placement in a school or program. 

The student and parents will meet with the consultant (separately or together) to discuss all of the aspects involved when pursuing a successful school/program placement for the student. After careful review of the student’s academic records, testing, teacher evaluations and other relevant information, the parents will be given a list of potential schools and programs that match their child’s needs. Although the parents and student tour the schools on their own, the consultant will join them in discussions on which schools they would like to pursue. 

During the application process, the consultant will be available to talk about any concerns that arise. The consultant will also be in contact with the admissions directors about the student. Once families are notified of the schools’ decisions, the parents, student and consultant will reconvene to discuss final school or program choice. 

Below is the general outline of the process that the consultant will follow. The consultant will: 

• Meet with the student and their parents 

• Review academic records, background information, talents, and interests 

• Consult with or refer to professionals (teachers, psychologists, tutors, etc.) 

• Provide information on and recommend specific schools/programs after speaking with admissions directors 

• Coordinate the admissions process.

• Weekly follow up calls with current program. 

• Coordinate with program and family for second placement. 

• Answer questions that arise and communicate with parents and students in an ongoing relationship 

• Communicate with the schools on the student’s behalf 

• Review and discuss choices 

• Serve as a resource for six months after enrollment 

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