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Susan & Greg M.

Parents of 8th Grade Student

"Independent School Options was a life saver for our family. During our daughter's school crisis, Cathy was there for us at every step. We never would have found this wonderful program for our daughter without Cathy and ISO. We appreciated their quick response, thorough research, and unwavering support."


Sarah T.

Parent of 9th Grade Student

"Leigh Ann's advice and guidance were invaluable to us. Our first child had been in the same small, independent school since pre-school and was getting ready for high school. Leigh Ann gave us objective advice on those high schools that would be a good fit for our daughter and our family. Leigh Ann also helped us navigate the stressful high school admission process, making it go a lot easier."

Katie L. 

Parents of 7th Grade Student

"Mary's extensive knowledge of middle schools and their programs enabled us to make an educated decision for our son. Being a Montessori family, we wanted to be sure to find the best program that aligned with our beliefs and that could offer our son the best well-rounded experience."


Thomas S.
Parents of Kindergarten Twins

"We are forever grateful to Mary and Leigh Ann. They helped our family select the best school choices for our boys. They were insightful, diligent, and focused on meeting each of our boy's unique needs."

Heather & Ed K.

Parent of 11th Grade Student

"Cathy and Leigh Ann solved a three-year problem of finding the right school and determining a way to easily transfer even in the middle of 11th grade. We appreciated their patience and willingness to explore every option, including public, private and boarding school, to make sure it was the right fit for our daughter. Their list of contacts also proved invaluable." 


Anne K.
Parents of a PreK Student

"My husband and I were trying to decide between applying for PreK or Kindergarten programs. With Hayley’s help, we narrowed down the choices and talked through both ways forward. Our daughter is now thriving in a wonderful, small school through 8th grade. Thank you, Hayley!"

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