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What is an educational consultant?

An educational consultant is a dedicated professional who provides guidance to help students and families choose a school or program that will foster the student’s academic, emotional, and social growth. Consultants also work with students who have learning differences or therapeutic needs that can be addressed within the current school, with outside support or with a new placement. Consultants have strong relationships with different professionals such as psychiatrists, tutors, therapists and other services outside the school and use these relationships as a referral source for parents and students.

How do we know if we need an educational consultant? 
The decision to hire an educational consultant is a personal one, and not every family will need or want to work with a consultant. Working with an educational consultant can be particularly helpful if you are just beginning the school search or need help navigating the admissions process. Educational consultants can be helpful when a student has learning differences or other needs, when families are having difficulty agreeing on school choices, or for students who are particularly anxious about the admissions process. Families who are relocating to the area might also need guidance and information about the different public and private options available.

How long have you been working with families? 

Since 2001, we have helped families discover the best learning options for their children - whether it’s a Montessori Preschool, Therapeutic Boarding School or Parochial High School. We have advised and supported hundreds of students and families over the years and look forward to continuing to help parents and children on their school search adventure!

What is the first step in working together?

The first step is to reach out to us directly, via email or phone, to schedule a brief phone call. During this call, we will learn a little more about your child and explain our process and services to you. 

Can you guarantee that a child will be admitted to a particular school or program?
No - we can only do our best to help find a good school or program for your child. We understand that there are many variables that factor into admissions decisions and we never guarantee admittance to a specific school.


What is the age range of students with whom you work?

We work with students from Pre-kindergarten (3 years old) through high school. We do not currently advise on the college process but can help with post-graduation options for high school students. 


How often do you visit schools and how familiar are you with the schools and programs?

We visit local day schools, boarding schools and therapeutic programs across the country on a regular cycle. We also stay up to date on the different schools and programs through on-going research, professional development and continuing conversations with our previous families and professionals.


Do you receive any financial compensation from schools or programs?

No. We are here to help you find the best path for your child and are operating only in the student's best interest.

Do you work with families in Virginia, Maryland, DC, and other parts of the country?

Absolutely. We work with families across the DC Metro area. We also have many families who are relocating to the area and we are happy to give them guidance on both private and public schools. 

Do you refer to other professionals and special programs?

Yes. We offer referrals for the following support:

  •  Testing

  •  Tutoring

  •  Special Needs Training/Therapy/Counseling

  •  Legal Assistance

  •  Public School Advocacy

  •  Summer Programs

  •  Enrichment Activities

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