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"The full consultation services were perfect for our family's needs.

We were assisted with every step of the school admissions process. Leigh Ann's guidance and experience made all of the difference."

-Parent of 6th grade & 4th grade students

The Full Consultation Service is for families who are either at the beginning of their school search or are in a school situation that requires immediate attention and assistance. This includes a student who needs to change schools or families who are relocating to the DC Metro area.

We help coordinate the admissions process which includesmonitoring deadlines, proofreading essays and preparing students for interviews. We handle the supplemental materials and submit the transcript, testing and teacher recommendations to schools, but the family is responsible for the actual application. We also connect with the admissions team and other professionals on your child's behalf.

During the admissions season, we are available to answer questions that arise and maintain an ongoing relationship with parents, students and schools. 

Once the family has the school decisions, the consultant meets with the family to navigate the acceptances and waitlists for the student. The consultant serves as a resource for the family for two months after placement

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