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Hayley Oser
PreSchool-Middle School Consultant, Learning Needs Specialist

"Reading has never been easy for my daughter. Hayley made all of the difference. She turned learning to read from something stressful into something fun and empowering."

-Parent of 2nd grade student

Hayley is our specialist who works with elementary and middle school students who learn differently. Her background in Special Education gives Hayley the knowledge and tools to help parents navigate the nuanced school placement process while supporting their children.


Hayley is also an Orton-Gillingham trained Reading Tutor and Learning Specialist. She loves working with elementary and middle school students who have language based learning needs and offers tutoring sessions in the student’s home or at our office in Old Town Alexandria. She uses a fun, hands-on approach when teaching reading to her students with language-based learning needs. 


Hayley holds an undergraduate degree from Middlesex University in England in Elementary Education and a Masters in Special Education from American University. Hayley began her teaching career in England as a fifth-grade teacher and then moved to the US in 2014 to further her education. After completing her Masters, Hayley began teaching in the Lower School at The McLean School, Potomac, MD. Hayley lives in Rockville, MD with her husband Ethan, their children Max and Phoebe, and Border Collie, Brody.

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